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From The Little Mermaid to Powers of the Ring: Hate-Fueled Review Bombing is the Price Americans Must Pay for Hollywood’s Globalized Market

Yahoo! News article about racist review bombing

Yahoo! News article about racist review bombing

Thanks to Hollywood Globalism, Beloved American IPs–and American Culture– Will Suffer

There’s more to this rant than me calling out Hollywood for its Globalism. A more serious problem is that Hollywood has refused to see the more damaging impact that turning Globalist is having in American society and politics. Because of treachery and outright greed from Hollywood’s decision makers and power players, Americans must pay a heavy price–not just in terms of opportunities in the filmmaking and television industry, but creative freedom and social harmony. 

How so? By pandering to foreign markets wholesale, Hollywood has invited racist, sexist and other fringe elements from overseas to troll beloved American IPs. Ironically, this has made it increasingly difficult for American creatives and American fans of American IPs to simply enjoy a new iteration of their own beloved IPs without the stink of foreign national trolls like this one threatening to deep-six them with massive review bombing campaigns and racist and misogynist agitprop:

British foreign national trolling Interview with the Vampire

British foreign national trolling Interview with the Vampire at Movie Chat’s forum

This invitation of foreign national trolling to dictate in what direction American IPs can go on has also invited the weaponization of American culture to undermine American principles, as well as sow dissension. You can see this bullshit all over now the internet now, from Canadian professors teaching African-American youth that the movie, Predator, is really anti-black, to British game reviewers invoking “wokeness” to review a uniquely American IP, Saints Row:

British troll reviewer on Saints Row 2022

British troll reviewer on Saints Row 2022

On top of everything else that I talked about, foreign national trolling has also successfully demoralized American creatives, who have been gaslighted into thinking that their fanbase were all knuckle-dragging Neo-Nazi incels the entire time and therefore no longer worth creating for.

One of the worst examples of this was from a video that came out about a year or two ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who it was, but what I remember was that it was a comic book writer who broke down on camera, upset that his fans were “racist.” In a day and age when anybody from any part of the world can post, who is to say whether the “racists” trolling his work were actually longtime American fans and not acolytes of the Canadian Gavin McInnes, the British Milo Yiannopoulos, the British Carl Benjamin? Or the countless other foreign nationals on social media rallying the troops into trolling American IPs?

In the wake of the devastating impact that foreign national trolling has had on American culture and society, Hollywood could end its love affair with Globalism. It can declare the whole enterprise a major failure and go back to making movies for American audiences. It simply chooses not to. The box office receipts are far too good. Besides, there are no shortage of Chinese oligarchs willing to fund future Hollywood blockbusters or foreign nationals like Jane Campion, Andrew Dominik and others more than happy to undercut American directors, screenwriters, actors, animators and musicians for a quick paycheck.

Unfortunately for Americans, they will have to pay the price in the form of more hatred, more backlash, more divisiveness–not from within, like Hollywood’s Globalist PR Machine would have you believe–but from outside America’s borders, and ironically, from its biggest allies.

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