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From The Little Mermaid to Powers of the Ring: Hate-Fueled Review Bombing is the Price Americans Must Pay for Hollywood’s Globalized Market

Yahoo! News article about racist review bombing

Yahoo! News article about racist review bombing

Hollywood’s Answer? Gaslighting and Orwellianism

What is the point of all that I’ve said so far? The point is that opening up Hollywood to global markets–to the point of symbiosis–didn’t turn global markets onto American culture. It galvanized racist, misogynist and populist elements in those societies into attacking American IPs because–going back to my opening paragraph–they feel they have a cultural duty to protect their cultures from everything that they hate about American culture, especially its multiculturalism and progressivism. All of this is why so many American IPs are now getting besieged by foreign trolls. Hollywood invited them. And now it has a huge mess on its hands.

Hollywood could just set things right and wash its hands of Globalism. Instead, what’s happened is the opposite. The Globalist machine that is Hollywood right now–which also includes sympathetic movie critics and commentators on social and mainstream media–is so desperate to appease the foreign markets attacking American IPs that it would rather lie by implication that Americans of long-beloved, cherish icons and IPs of American culture are the ones behind these massive hate campaigns. It would, in short, resort to gaslighting and Orwellianism.

The most blatant expression of Hollywood gaslighting is the phrase, “toxic fandom.” The reason why it’s gaslighting is that it leaves to the imagination what is meant by “toxic fandom”. As soon as anyone hears that, they imagine that Americans are behind these racist and sexist fandom backlashes because the IPs in question are American in origin. However, to a true blue American, this kind of double talking doesn’t stand scrutiny on any level whatsoever.

Let’s take, for example, Star Wars. American fans of Star Wars have not only been color-blind, they have been to such an extent that fans of all races have often proudly cosplayed as minority characters and showed them off online. Not only that, many Star Wars fans are also people of color and have also cosplayed as characters. On what planet did Americans driving the fandom of Star Wars become so racist as to review bomb and post racist memes about John Boyega or bully Kelly Marie Tran to such an extent that she was written out of the last Star Wars sequel?

American Star Wars fans did that? Really?

Another example of Orwellian bullshit about “toxic fandoms:” Asian characters have always been an integral part of beloved American sci-fi, especially Star Trek.

In fact, America’s sci-fi fandoms so embraced Asian actors that it was Americans–more than anyone–who were outraged over Scarlett Johansson being cast as The Major in Ghost in the Shell instead of an Asian actress.

2016 Inquisitor article about fan backlash to Scarlett Johansson’s casting as “whitewashing.”

But…but…but Globalist-run Hollywood PR machine is implying that America is so divided and full of hate that the same sci-fi fandoms that complained and complained about an Asian actress not being cast in the role of The Major in The Ghost in the Shell are the exact same ones who cyber bullied Kelly Marie Tran of the Star Wars sequels to such an extent that she was completely written out of the last film. Righhhhht, because it totally makes sense that hardcore American fans of sci-fi IPs that contained prominent Asian characters, turned “toxic” in between Ghost in the Shell and Star Wars. Totally.

Ditto Interview with the Vampire. Isn’t it odd that the same American fandom that easily accepted Aaliyah in Queen of the Damned (2002) are the same ones screaming with outrage about Louis being black in the new reboot? And writing long, pseudo-intellectual bullshit screeds about how it’s a slap in the face to Anne Rice and how she’s become a victim of wokeness and blackwashing? /s

Of course, American fandoms, who saw Queen of the Damned and didn’t complain about Aaliyah back in 2002, were triggered by a black Louis in the reboot. Of course, they were. At least, that’s what the Globalist-run Hollywood PR machine and the lamestream media are telling me. They’re telling me that American fandoms of Anne Rice turned “toxic” overnight! Wow! Who’d a thunk it?

Aaliyah in Queen of the Damned (2002)

All of this is why I consider this phrase, “toxic fandom” gaslighting. It’s trying to confuse the American public about who the fandoms of these beloved American IPs have always been. The fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Interview with the Vampire, He-Man and others were anything but racist and sexist, because these IPs couldn’t have been more progressive or openly embracing of strong female characters. But now Globalist Hollywood wants to make it seem as if these oh, so American fandoms were always full of angry, pasty-faced American geeks who hated seeing strong women, minorities and Asians the entire time.

The phrase, “toxic fandom,” is not just gaslighting, however. It’s an Orwellianism that actually reveals something unseemly about to what extent that Hollywood’s Globalists are willing to keep from offending populist global markets. I call it Orwellian, because it’s a clever, subtle shifting of what is now considered an IP’s fandom.

To explain further, if an American IP exploded in popularity precisely because it embodied the best of American progressivism–including its ideas of inclusiveness and equality–then its dedicated fandom has always been solidly American and could never have been toxic.

When Hollywood’s Globalists make the case that racist and misogynist trolls are a reflective of a fandom that has now grown “toxic,” what they’re actually saying is that they have thrown American fandoms under the bus for the sake of the predominantly racist, sexist and populist markets that they now see and respect as their primary market.

To put it another way, Hollywood’s Globalists no longer see decades-old American fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and other IPs as the true fanbase; it sees overseas global markets as the new official fanbase. So, when racists, sexists and populist elements from non-American markets start acting out, Hollywood’s Globalists will not admit that these markets are the cause of the racist and misogynistic backlashes. In a clever Orwellian twist, they will utter “toxic fandom,” to pretend that these markets were part-and-parcel of the fandom and that the virulent strains of racism, sexism and anti-multiculturalism–introduced by the likes of British-Greek Milo Yiannopoulos; British Carl Benjamin; Swedish PewDiePie, and others–were there the entire time.

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