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Why Very Few People Got the Mike Yanagita Plot Point in Fargo (1996)

Mike Yanagita from Fargo (1996)

Mike Yanagita from Fargo (1996)

Bottom Line: You Ain’t Wrong

One of the reasons why I wrote this entry is that I was sick and tired of smug, condescending explanations defending the Mike Yanagita plot point by way of dumbsplaining. But what kind of pissed me off was how–in a classic case of cognitive dissonance–so many of the apologists blissfully ignore anything about the movie that directly contradicts their assertion about how brilliantly set up the entire thing was. While some apologists are exaggerating what a trustful nature Marge had (to the point of naivety), others are talking the plot point up as being oh, so complex, with a lot to unpack.

To all that, I say, “Nah.” There’s a reason why Mike Yanagita continues to puzzle people to this day, to where–like I said earlier–the entire subplot is cut from broadcast television. It doesn’t work and no amount of condescension on the part of people who think they were smart enough to get it will change that.

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