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Why I Think Cloverfield (2008) Sucks Now

Like everyone else, every so often I have this urge to revisit a movie I enjoyed on first viewing to see if it holds up. One film I wanted to see again was Cloverfield (2008). Looking back, I remembered how impressed I was with the film in terms of special effects and location shots. 99% of the time, Hollywood either never gets NYC geography right or has a Canadian city stand in for it. As a New Yorker, I was pleased as punch to finally see a movie that more or less nailed the geography and had locations I actually recognized.

When I finally saw Cloverfield again in 2019, I expected to be just as dazzled as I was the first time. Instead, the bloom couldn’t have come off the rose any harder. Rather than being delighted, I felt myself turned off inside of 20 minutes and by the end of the film, resolved to never see it again. Why? I’m going to explain as best I can why Cloverfield no longer holds up for me. Keep in mind that I’m not just posting these thoughts to vent about the film but to also explore what it is that makes a disaster movie a true disaster movie, as opposed to something like Cloverfield, which is only pretending to be one.


  1. Bryan

    I finally got around to watching Irreversible.

    On one hand, I actually did appreciate how it attempted to tackle its themes.

    On the other hand…eh, it was a bit tiresome as a film to be honest, though I didn’t dislike it.

  2. JoeyC

    I love, love, love point #3. As a Brooklyn native, I agree with everything you wrote there, 1000%.

  3. I thought Cloverfield was a good movie. I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with you on this one.

    • Woodstock

      Hi minababe! I have been fascinated with the Mt. Vesuvius disater too. If you haven’t read Pompeii by Robert Harris it’s worth checking out.

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